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Starpoint Gemini Warlords Update 1.020 CODEX – Strategy from the front lines! Starpoint Gemini Warlords combines 3rd person capital spaceship combat with 4X strategy and RPG gameplay elements. Build mighty war fleets and send them into battle or lead them into combat yourself. Become the Warlord and conquer the Gemini system!

Game Details

Title: Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Genre: Action, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Little Green Men Games
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Date: 23 May, 2017

Release Name: Starpoint Gemini Warlords Update v1.020-CODEX
Game Version: Update 1.020
Game Releaser: Cracked By CODEX
Size: 802 MB

About This Game

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a space sim coupled with role-playing and strategy elements. Send your mighty war fleets into combat or lead them yourself. The choice is yours. Be the Warlord!

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Control your ship directly to show off your battle prowess. Aim and fire manually or command your gunners to do the job for you while you execute unique skills. Choose your companions to follow you into battle and if you need an extra hand, have your fleets join you in glorious combat. Battles in Warlords can vary from duels and small skirmishes to clashes of massive fleets in planetary orbits.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Construct ships and assemble your mighty war fleets to pitch them against the other war-mongering factions of Gemini, but be mindful of the situation you’re sending them into. A seemingly weaker fleet can be accompanied by warmasters, well-trained specialists that can sway the battle in their favor, but fear not, you can have your fleet follow you so you can lead them to victory!

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Upgrade your headquarters with additional modules to produce more advanced weapons and enhancements, develop new ships leading up to the station-size Proxima, unlock new structures and activate various bonuses that influence all of your territory. You are the leader of your people and a powerful leader deserves a stronghold.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Spread your influence and increase your resources by expanding your territory, but don’t stretch your defenses too thin or your enemies might take advantage. Territory can be fortified and improved by building various resource and defense structures. Expand the T-Gate network to make your fleets travel across your ever-growing empire faster. A timely arrival can make all the difference.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Begin your adventure on a small, agile gunship and work your way up to a massive carrier class capable of deploying numerous fighter wings. Upgrade your chosen vessel of destruction with a plethora of weapons and enhancements. And to finish it all off, throw a coat of paint on it to get that perfect vessel you always wanted.


  • Massive game world, populated by over 60 diverse factions, ready to face your war fleets.
  • Campaign mode – Play through the story of the “exiles”, who settled on the barren planet of Phaeneros on the outskirts of Gemini, after escaping the alien invasion of the Sol system.
  • Five free roam scenarios with distinct start setup.
  • Choose among nearly 90 different ships, from gunships and corvettes to bulky carriers.
  • Build your own personal headquarters to boost your economic and military power.
  • Procedurally generated freelance jobs offer a great way to earn Credits that you can use to pump upgrades into your ship.
  • Procedurally generated encounters can creep up on you when you least expect them.
  • Choose one of three unique character classes or whip up a hybrid class of your own.
  • Conduct research on a multitude of different tech that affects everything from your own ship to the global scheme of things.
  • Construct ships, assemble war fleets and send them in all directions to conquer for the glory of the Solari Concord.
  • Build and upgrade infrastructure across the star system to improve resource gathering and strengthen your dominion.
  • Engage in diplomatic relations and sign trade deals to get that boost you need.
  • Mod support that greatly surpasses that of its predecessor, Starpoint Gemini 2.

For more information, check out the official Starpoint Gemini Wiki on Gamepedia.

System Requirements


Windows 7 or higher (64 bit ONLY)
Intel Core 3.0 GHz or equivalent
DirectX 11 nVidia GeForce GTX 470 / 560, 1280MB or equivalent
Version 11
15 GB available space
Sound Card:
DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:


Starpoint Gemini WarlordsStarpoint Gemini WarlordsStarpoint Gemini WarlordsStarpoint Gemini WarlordsStarpoint Gemini Warlords



Starpoint Gemini Warlords Update v1.020-CODEX
– Extract
– Run setup.exe and install update
– Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
– Play

You need the following releases for this patch:

























Greetings captains,

Another update coming your way, lifting the version up to 1.020. The focus of this update was definitely bug fixing. We’ve been fixing a lot of smaller and some larger bugs and used a number of saves sent in by you fine ladies and gentlement to test the solution. The majority of campaign-related issues should now be resolved, BUT…

…if you encounter problems again, please send us both the game log.txt (installation folder) AND your save file (Saves\#.sgs) so we can work on it directly. This is both to use the save file for testing and, if necessary, to check for possible save corruption, in which case we’ll fix the save manually, if at all possible and send it back to you.

As before, we continue our work. The majority of the team is hard at work on the base game, fixing and tweaking, another part of the team is prepping everything for further localizations and a couple of guys (literally 2) are at the drawing board, outlining the details of the larger free content update coming in June.


  • Did a number of campaign-related script fixes that could potentially cause larger problems “down the road”.
  • A number of minor script errors fixed in the main quest scripts (almost in all missions) that could cause minor glitches, but also, when combined, could cause the game to crash to desktop.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause the game to crash when leaving stations.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause the game to crash when leaving planets.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when using the Grappler.
  • Fixed an issue related to ship decals that would manifest in weird “stickers” appearing on theship.
  • Tweaked the Search & Destroy freelance job. You should no longer “get stuck” going from waypoint to waypoint without the target(s) showing themselves.
  • Fixed a number of text errors in the German translation.

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