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Game Request

Request New Steam Games in the comments below.

Rules [Updated 01-08-2017]

  1. Search the Game on site before Requesting.
  2. Request only Latest Steam Game that are released within last 3 days.
    • (Request Game from this three Steam pages #1, #2 & #3)
  3. Don’t Request
    • Games that requires Internet Connection (Online/Multiplayer)
    • Game Updates, Patched, DLCs, VR Games & Unreleased Games.
    • Point and Click/Object Finding Related Game Example: Bigfish Games etc…
  4. Always follow the format for requesting games.

Note: Follow rules to get your request accept quickly.

Accepted games requested will be posted here (You can also find here)

All request and comments will not be approved.

Following games posted as per user request: