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Niffelheim v0.9.015

Released by DEVO on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games, RPG Games


Niffelheim Free Download

Niffelheim 0.9.015 – Niffelheim is a 2D action exploration game in a Nordic fantasy setting, with a huge hand-drawn world. Battle monsters, build castles, explore dungeons and conquer enemy lands. Triumph against the ancient forces that rule over this harsh world.

Game Details

Title: Niffelheim
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Developer: Ellada Games
Publisher: Ellada Games
Release Date: 28 Apr, 2016

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/351100/
Release Name: Niffelheim v0.9.015
Game Version: Update 0.9.015
Game Releaser: DEVO
Size: 367 MB

About This Game

Niffelheim is a 2D action exploration game in a Nordic fantasy setting, with a huge hand-drawn world.


GAME CONTROLS (mouse and keyboard)
1. Use (activate) an item in inventory – RMB
2. Drag&Drop full stack – LMB
3. Drag (half stack), Drop (1 piece) – L.ALT+LMB
4. Sell/Buy 1 piece – Ctrl + RMB (also drop a full stack)
5. Move/Sell/Buy a full stack – Shift + RMB
6. Attack – F
7. Shield defense – С
8. Pick up item – Q
9. Dig a door/Build – E
10. Chat – Y
11. Map – M
12. Dragon – R
13. Dig/Collect/Chop/Open craft menu – Space
14. Inventory – I
15. Fast Run – Left Shift


Death means nothing to the Gods. Arise and face the demons of death. Fight against the blind rage of spirits. Triumph against the ancient forces that rule over this harsh world. Your path is steeped in blood and sweat, for it is the path of the true lord of these lands.

Immerse yourself in darkness and face the evil that lurks below. Dig deep beneath the earth, explore the underworld, harvest food and resources. Fight your way through ominous caverns, build up your stronghold. Battle, trade, hunt and build farms. Craft unique weapons and tools. Enslave an ancient force to conquer enemy lands. March against demons of death.

Key game features:

• Huge open world of ancient burial mounds and gravesites, sinking players into the world’s darkest corners;
• Beautiful hand-painted visuals with astonishing levels of detail.
• Four playable locations, each with its own unique look;
• Great freedom of action: explore a world ruled by ancient spirits, complete priests’ quests, battle foes and conquer territory in the struggle for supremacy – the possibilities are virtually limitless;
• Uniquely implemented random generation of the underworld with endless dungeons and caverns swarming with extraordinary creatures and monsters as well as countless treasures;
• Struggle for survival in a ruthless world of treacherous spirits: gather resources, hunt animals, build up your stronghold, craft unique items, weapons and tools in workshops;
• Unique character development system based on demon sigils;
• Shrines and charms allowing you to tame an ancient force and triumph in the battle against fierce demons;
• Various game modes: single player, PvP, team and co-op.

System Requirements


Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
1.7 GHz Dual Core
NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ or better
Version 9.0
Broadband Internet connection
2 GB available space
Additional Notes:
16:9 recommended





Niffelheim v0.9.015
1. Extract Release
2. Launch The Game
3. Play!


Change Log

Update 0.9.015

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