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Award Room of fear-HI2U

Released by HI2U on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games


Award. Room of fear Free Download

Award Room of fear HI2U – Solve a riddle of damned family and do not forget to survive at the same time.

Game Details

Title: Award. Room of fear
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Giks
Publisher: Giks
Release Date: 2 Mar, 2018

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/733670/Award_Room_of_fear/
Release Name: Award Room of fear-HI2U
Game Version: First Release
Game Releaser: Cracked By HI2U
Size: 1.04 GB

About This Game

An ancient cult founded a room of fear, so as not to attract the attention of the state, to use the souls of newly wandering people as victims to their idol.

You decided to go to the horror room. Unaware of the fact that monsters may not be completely disguised people. Realizing that no one is going to let you out, and the phone has lost touch with the world, your only salvation is you.

Your main task is to survive and understand why these seemingly people are trying to kill you.

In this game there will not be such an abundance of monsters jumping out of the darkness. But their unimaginable thirst to kill, will haunt you in all corners and secluded places.

A great way to escape is to escape! But if you are tired of hiding, you can look for something that can be repelled by your offenders. Only they are stronger than they seem.


Deep story: a story that begins hundreds of years before the game begins.

Different monsters: each monster has its own character and worries, one at the sight of you rushes to tear you to pieces, and the other will give you a pomuchitsya.

Resist enemies: unlike most horror games, in the Award you will have the opportunity to fight off the enemies, not just run away from them.

System Requirements


Win 7/8/10


Award. Room of fearAward. Room of fearAward. Room of fearAward. Room of fearAward. Room of fear



Award Room of fear-HI2U
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  • Jardista


    Terrible game, it’s just an asset pack, do not play this.


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