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Artifact Adventure 1.9e – The horribly toxic Swamp King has risen once again! Gather your party and set out on an open world, retro-styled, RPG adventure. Powerful mystical artifacts are scattered about the world, each able to grant you new powers. Which will you choose? What is your destiny?

Game Details

Title: Artifact Adventure
Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: bluffman
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM
Release Date: 19 May, 2015

Release Name: Artifact Adventure v1.9e
Game Version: Update 1.9e
Game Uploader: IGG
Size: 26 MB

About This Game

Artifact Adventure

The ultimate mix of classic aesthetics and modern open world RPG!

Welcome to a truly open world RPG. Travel the world in the way you want, taking on the challenges you deem worthy of your time. Travel by blimp, artifact or by foot, and discover a vast world rich with characters, civilizations, monsters and adventure.
Take on quests the way you want to. Every quest has multiple ways to complete it, and the choices you make always have repercussions. Will you save the girl about to be sacrificed to the village fire god, or will you let her burn because it’s not worth your time?

No matter what decision you make, there are always consequences. Your adventure begins with 1 of 3 choices that drastically change the flow of the entire game:

  • Freely fly around the world. (Airship)
  • Receive a special power. (Artifact)
  • Unlock the mysteries of the world. (Key of Time)

Everything you do determines which of over 70 endings you will get.
This is the truly the perfect definition of an open-world adventure… an Artifact Adventure!


Choose from 6 different classes and form a 4 character party for your adventure!

Artifact AdventureTHE WARRIOR
Considered the cornerstone of any team, the warrior has high HP and Defense, and is able to wear heavy armor. Their stats make them perfect for new players.

Artifact AdventureTHE HERMIT
Skilled with a bow and armed with extensive medical knowledge, the hermit is also the fastest class among the six classes available.

Artifact AdventureTHE SHAMAN
Possessing more intelligence and MP than any other class, the Shaman makes for a powerful magical ally. They’re also capable of casting unusual spells with their staves.

Artifact AdventureTHE MONK
Skilled in the martial arts, the Monk is a perfect choice for dealing quick damage to enemies. They also have a chance of attacking twice in a single turn when fighting bare-fisted.

Artifact AdventureTHE DREAMER
Able to fight using their dreams and equip any armor in the game, the Dreamer is capable of doing everything…and nothing.

Artifact AdventureTHE EXPLORER
Blessed with both strong attacks and high intelligence, the Explorer is a hybrid class known for wielding a very special gun.

System Requirements


WindowsXP Vista 7
30 MB available space


Artifact Adventure
Artifact Adventure
Artifact Adventure
Artifact Adventure
Artifact Adventure



Artifact Adventure v1.9e
1. Extract Release
2. Launch The Game
3. Play!




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